A Canadian Olympic breaststroker from Kelowna, BC. Smith is an Olympic finalist from Rio de Janeiro and with sights set on Tokyo 2020. Here, you can follow the 24 year old on her journey with weekly Instagram updates, blog posts, and catch her at swim clinics around North America. 

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Smith found her passion to teach swim clinics in May 2017. Since then the olympian has travelled around USA and Canada with the goal of sharing her stories and knowledge on to the next generation.  The breaststroker also specializes in explaining the importance of streamlines, fast flip turns, effective open turns, and powerful breakouts off the wall. Smith teaches both one on one or can visit teams for a group session.


Kierra Smith


I just about lost it standing on that podium and it was tough keeping it together. You don’t rehearse being on a podium at home playing your national anthem and I don’t think anything can prepare you for that moment when it comes. It was 10 times better having Martha and I going 1-2 and being up there with her too. Heck, I enjoyed having Annie Lazor up there with us. Like everyone else, I just got through cheering on the Canadian women’s soccer team for most of last month, then I spent Canada day in Victoria celebrating everything Canada and finally when it came to singing Oh Canada for those couple of minutes my knees just about buckled.

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