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Living in Ellison BC

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Are you looking for the perfect place to settle down and raise a family? Ellison may be your destination, with its desirable geography, breathtaking views, outdoor trails and activities. Located on Lake Okanagan, Ellison provides plenty of recreational activities, such as boat tours along the lake or fishing off various docks scattered throughout the town. Moreover, there are nearby provincial parks where parents can take their children camping or picnicking while enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes in British Columbia. It’s no wonder many families cherish calling Ellison home – its peacefulness with easy access to all major travel routes makes it an ideal location for young households! Read on if you’re curious about what living in Ellison is like!

Ellison Acreages For Sale Kelowna

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Are you looking for an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life in a big city? If so, Ellison British Columbia acreages may be just what you want. With their breathtaking mountain views, pristine lakes, and incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, these properties offer something special that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only will you have some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable as part of your new home sweet home, but with such an abundance of natural beauty surrounding you every day, owning an acreage here is guaranteed to renew your appreciation for nature at its finest. Whether cutting fresh firewood, exploring nearby creeks full of fish waiting to be caught, or just enjoying a peaceful stroll alongside blueberry fields thriving in the summer sun – each moment spent at one of these large rural properties holds untold potential! So come join us on this journey and make Ellison your very own slice of paradise


Overview of Ellison

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Located at the foot of Majestic Cross Mountain in lovely British Columbia, Ellison is the perfect location to purchase acreage and live in harmony with nature. Home to rolling meadows and expansive evergreens, this rural community offers clean, fresh air, amazing outdoor views and convenient access to outdoor activities such as golfing and skiing. The community prides itself on its friendly, small-town feel, with local shops and restaurants that give residents a sense of security and familiarity. A home away from it all, Ellison acreages provide dependable peace and privacy for families who seek a place of escape surrounded by natural beauty. Ellison is without the hustle of city life, making it an excellent place for families looking for adventure outside their backyard.

Ellison Provincial Park

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Ellison Provincial Park is an oasis of scenic beauty not to be missed. Located near Kelowna, British Columbia, this gorgeous nature park has something for everyone – hiking trails that let the adventurers explore untouched terrain and discover hidden lakes, lush forests full of towering cedar trees, crystal-clear rivers for swimming and paddling, and rolling meadows ideal for taking in the fresh mountain air. Most enjoy spending a day relaxing on one of the many beaches that border the lakefront. Families often participate in varied activities like beach volleyball or horseback riding sessions and numerous fishing and boating opportunities. The highlight, however, is camping under the starry summer sky – perfect for making lasting memories with friends and family. There is no better place to explore nature’s wonders than Ellison Provincial Park.

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Hiking Trails

Discover Hiking Trails

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Taking to the trails is a beautiful way to explore the beauty of your local area while staying active. With reliable hiking gear and proper footwear, you can easily experience everything nature offers without ever leaving home. On your journey, you will be awed by breathtaking views as you traverse tree-lined paths, rock faces and lush meadows. Bring a camera to capture memories that will last far longer than just one adventure. Knowing about local trails adds an extra benefit to living in any particular place, providing endless opportunities for exciting exploration close to home.

Fishing or Boating

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A relaxing day spent fishing or boating at one of the many local lakes is a great way to enjoy some time off. Whether you take part in an organized day of fishing with family and friends, or drift along alone in search of serenity, spending time underwater can provide a sense of peace and satisfaction. With diverse landscapes ranging from calm rivers to crystal clear spring-fed lakes, there’s something sure to fit everyone’s tastes in the area.
Kelowna Lake Walkway
Lakeview heights vineyards

Vineyards and distilleries

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Ellison BC is a picturesque paradise for those seeking to tantalize their taste buds. Ellison Estate Vineyard invites visitors year-round to partake in its comprehensive wine knowledge with cellar tours and vineyard strolls, accompanied by an idyllic country backdrop. Ancient Hill Winery encapsulates unbeatable vino experiences since 2002; offering award-winning reds, whites, blushes…and more! Feeling extra thirsty? Eau Claire Distillery has you covered – take part in one of the exclusive interactive tours tasting out delicious craft gin or vodka straight from the source!

Cultural events and festivals

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Discover Ellison BC, a region brimming with culture and life! Every season brings new events to explore – in May revel in Coastal Blossom Fest’s unique atmosphere; June highlights Salmonberry Days’ vibrant festivities; National Aboriginal Day takes centre stage during July while August is all about the music at its summer series. Enjoy fair games and food vendors, there is a feast of traditional music and dance performances featuring Salish First Nations culture. Professional arts and craft workshops are held annually to encourage regional artisans in painting, drum making and more.

Pickleball or softball

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Ellison BC boasts an array of group sports that allow its residents to get active while having fun and socializing. Pickleball and softball are two popular group sports that offer a great way to improve your fitness and health while keeping your competitive spirit alive. These activities help unite people from all walks of life, regardless of skill level – creating a strong sense of community. Whether playing for fun or joining the competitive recreational league, the positive benefits for physical and mental health are unwavering.


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Ellison Provincial Park is an extraordinary and unique place with something special to offer to every visitor. Whether you love outdoor activities, cultural events, or just relaxing by the lake, this local park has it all. We invite you to come to explore its beauty – take in the stunning views, sample one of the many vineyards, try your luck at fishing, or get active and join in on a game of pickleball! There’s always something new to experience.

Ellison BC is a great place to raise a family; local schools are no exception. Known for its small class sizes and quality education, home to some of the finest schools in the region. Two of the most notable are Ellison Elementary School and Ellison Secondary School. Both offer comprehensive curriculums.

The Ellison Regional Airport is conveniently located just a few kilometres from the town center, with easy access from all major roads. This regional airport provides travellers with various flight options, including direct and connecting flights to domestic destinations such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. International flight destinations are also available to USA and Mexico.

With something for everyone this is the ideal place to call home. For those looking for outdoor adventure, explore the vast countryside and seeking a peaceful environment, enjoy the privacy of your own acreage surrounded by stunning natural beauty. And for those looking to settle down, learn about the benefits of living in a rural community and all that it has to offer. Here you will find an abundance of possibilities and opportunities – make memories, build relationships, and fall in love with the comfort and ease of lifestyle.

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